There are a range of volunteering opportunities to support the work of S.H.E UK, and directly help survivors of childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence.


Description : Women befrienders are needed to build supportive relationships with those women new to their group. Befrienders will be required to help new members to benefit from all aspects of the organisation once they have joined. Ultimately we aim to help people to reach their own potential following a process of personal recovery.

Geographical Area : Newark and Sherwood District

When Required : Time Flexible

Skills and Qualifications :

  • Women only.
  • Empathy, good listening skills, ability to remain non-judgmental and neutral and be able to work within set boundaries of the befriending scheme.
  • A good understanding of the issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse would be desirable though not essential as training will be given.

Age/Gender Restrictions: Women only 18+

Disabled Access: Yes for training location- befriending will take place at public venues.

Equal Opportunities Policy: Yes in draft.

Expenses: Travel reimbursed, food and drink expenses to a maximum amount in certain circumstances.

Induction: Yes, part of 12 week training.

Insurance Cover: Yes. Will need to check car insurance if using own car whilst befriending.

Training: Yes — Full 12 weeks training course, to be accredited, must complete successfully in order to volunteer.


Description : To help out at various events such as market stalls and coffee mornings. We are looking to set up a ‘Friends of’ group to help organise events and raise funds. Any help to look for funding or ideas of how to fun raise gratefully received!

Geographical Area : Newark and Sherwood District

When Required : Time Flexible

Skills and Qualifications :

  • Good head for figures and encouraging people to part with their money.


Description : Charity trustees are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of a charity. Charity trustees come from all walks of life, and are united by their wish to create positive change in society. Most people are eligible to serve as trustees. The work of a trustee should be rewarding and enjoyable, and an opportunity to serve the community while learning new skills.

Trustees have and must accept ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of a charity, and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it has been set up.

Geographical Area : Newark and Sherwood District

When Required: Time Flexible

Skills and Qualifications :

  • Good with figures and analytical abilities.