Here are our wonderful Trustees.

Kate Drake (Chair & Treasurer)

A bit about your work experience and skills I’ve lived in Nottingham for about ten years now. I’m originally from Ellesmere Port in the North West (not far from Chester), and after studying for my business degree at the University of Leeds, I moved to Nottingham to start my career.

Hobbies/Interests: . I love to travel and have been lucky enough to visit a lot of interesting countries and places: I’ve got trips to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Canada planned for this year. I also love cooking, reading, and tea.

How do you see your role within SHE? I’m a qualified chartered accountant and currently work in a commercial finance role, so I’m hoping to bring some expertise in financial planning, governance, and cash flow management. I also want to use my commercial skills to support the great work already going on at SHE and to support future growth ambitions.

Why did you get involved: I’ve always been involved in fundraising for charities wherever I’ve worked. When the opportunity to support a charity, not just with fundraising, but with the skills I’ve developed from my career in finance came up, I thought it would be a great contribution to make in a different way. My boss put me in touch with Nicci through the Boots Charitable Trust, and when I heard about the incredible work you all do at SHE UK, it was a really easy decision to serve as a Trustee and use my finance skills to become Treasurer, so I joined the board in July 2015.

Jacqui Lewis
Jacqui Lewis (Founder Member)

A bit about your work experience and skills: Prior to being diagnosed with post traumatic stress and dissociation following the death of my mother I had worked full time in catering management. I did three years at college in Gloucester training in Hotel Catering and Institutional Management which included accountancy and general administration. My first post was at the campus of the American University of Evansville in the UK at Harlaxton Manor. I moved on to work in the family business The Red House in the vale of Belvoir until the birth of my children. Following my breakdown I did my basic Counselling Skills Certificates and a Certificate in Art Therapy Skills.

Hobbies/Interests: In enjoy reading, writing, arts and crafts and spending time with my granddaughter and gardening.

How do you see your role within S.H.E.: I am the Founder of S.H.E. and currently a trustee and volunteer. I see myself as a catalyst bringing different people together to create change. I will always be the Founder and aim to stick around to offer whatever help and support I can to staff – paid and unpaid and to our members but I think it is time for the next generation to move things forward to eventually include men as well as women.

Why did you get involved: Having memories of my own childhood abuse resurface after the death of my mother in 1994 and a complete breakdown in my ability to operate as an adult in the here and now, I slowly began to learn from personal experience the impact sexual abuse had had on my whole life. I decided at that point if I was going to get through this I would have to do something to change things ; to stop abuse happening ; to make people realise how damaging it was ; to reach out to other women. I had no idea at this point how many people were affected by this type of abuse or that it affected boys/men as well as girls/women. As well as support from a CPN twice a week, I was receiving support in the form of weekly counselling from ISAS but I still felt very isolated. I wanted to meet someone else who had a similar experience. My ISAS counselor put me in touch with another survivor and we met up weekly for about 18 months getting to know each other, researching what other support was available and planning how to fill the gap. At the same time I did my Basic Skills Counselling Diplomas. With the help of Sue McLeod, my ISAS counsellor we held the first meeting of S.H.E. in August 1998.

Jenny Lewis
Jenny Lewis

A bit about your work experience and skills: I come from a background of creative pursuits and a sales & customer focussed approach to things within my working ethic. I have done a variety of work from market research, sales & customer service to assistant arts facilitator on an over 50s singing group for the local community.

Hobbies/Interests:  My hobbies are singing, writing short stories, catching the latest films, yoga & chocolate testing.

How do you see your role within SHE? My current role in SHE is as a Trustee which I started last year after attending committee meetings & drop-ins. I wanted to give whatever I could to help the charity survive & progress as it is so important to give survivors the space & opportunity to heal from the devastating affects of abuse, so they can get the life they deserve & keep reaching and blossoming.

Why did you get involved: I became involved in SHE as a volunteer newsletter editor, putting together, editing & distributing a newsletter called ‘The Open Door’. This included articles direct from SHE members, health professionals & areas of interest for readers of The Open Door.

Jill Alexander
Jill Alexander

A bit about your work experience and skills:  I have been a volunteer at SHE for over ten years. My main working life was as a machinist in a shoe factory.

Hobbies/Interests: My interests are my family and friends, music and films, and I enjoy spending time in the countryside. I’m all for lots of fun and laughter.

How do you see your role within SHE? My role in SHE is as a trustee, and therapist working with members in one-to-one sessions, creating and delivering lifelong learning courses, and facilitating Creative Therapy groups.

Why did you get involved: I am a survivor myself and understand the turmoil survivors face. When I felt I had completed my own personal journey I felt drawn to supporting and helping other people along their paths to recovery.

Russell Jays (Secretary)

A bit about your work experience and skills: My background and main employment is Data Processing and IT Management – the two main areas I’ve worked in are Manufacturing and Telecoms. I also work part time for a charity where I started as a volunteer. Apart from looking after the computer systems, I started a project to promote fitness and motor skills for Adults with learning disabilities and mentoring long term unemployed individuals. I’ve been co-ordinator for an LGBT Youth group since May 2014, so my weeks are pretty full!

Hobbies/Interests: I’m learning to play the piano.  I’m a bit geeky about steam trains and railways. I love 80’s music and old sci-fi, and I’ve recently become a lover of cruise holidays!!

How do you see your role within SHE? As a trustee I hope to bring my commercial and voluntary sector experience along with a sense of fair play and balance.

While I share the passion of our paid and unpaid staff, I hope that being slightly removed from the day-to-day activities can help give a different perspective to strategic and financial matters.

Why did you get involved: Having worked with some of the SHE UK team before, I was interested to find out more about the organisation.  Having had some experiences of abuse, what we do struck a note with me and I’m happy to be of some small help to support the brilliant work the team do.

Dr Mel Jordan

A bit about your work experience and skills: Dr Mel Jordan works at the University of Nottingham and undertakes research and teaching in the fields of criminology, prisons, sexual abuse, sexual offending, trauma-survival, medical sociology, justice and ethics, sex crime policing, etc. (See: Melanie Jordan – The University of Nottingham)

Hobbies/interests: Outside of work I enjoy dog walks, seeing family and friends, eating-out, cooking, baking, keeping the log stove going, and sitting on the sofa reading novels, but definitely *not* ironing, shopping, washing, or cleaning.

How do you see your role within SHE UK?I see my role as representing a commitment to the charity, including a commitment to staff, services, survivors, governance, and fellow trustees. I understand the trustee role as collegial oversight and, most importantly, *support* for the work of SHE UK. I see my trustee role as future-facing, collaborative, strategic, and inclusive – with the needs and voices of survivors and staff at the core.

Why did you get involved?I became a trustee with the organisation after meeting CEO Nicci Robinson and wishing to follow her leadership and support the charity’s work. I also completed a piece of research with the charity and its service users, exploring the therapeutic journey. I’m involved to bring academic knowledge and higher education practice into trustee discussions regarding next steps for SHE UK.