Inquiry into child sexual abuse

Update on the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse:

31st January 2019Report childhood sexual abuse via Truth Project

Inquiry to hold public hearing in Children Outside the UK investigation

  • The Inquiry will hold a week of public hearings in the Children Outside the UK investigation from 11 February to 15 February. These will take place daily from 10.00am at the Inquiry’s hearing centre, 18 Pocock Street, London SE1 0BW. This investigation will examine legal measures designed to protect children outside the UK from sexual abuse by those with links to England and Wales.
  • Victims and survivors of child sexual abuse can make an important contribution to the work of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse through the Truth Project:


Background – The Child Migration Programmes saw thousands of children permanently migrated to parts of the British Empire by various institutions in England and Wales, with the approval of the British Government. In 2010, the Government issued an apology for its role in the Child Migration Programmes.

  • Part One of the Inquiry heard from former child migrants who reported that they experienced sexual abuse in relation to their migration.
  • Part Two of the Inquiry’s public hearings takes place between 10th-26th July.
  • Government, public authorities, private, and charitable institutions will be asked to provide evidence on whether they took sufficient care to protect children they sent, or placed abroad.
  • The public hearings are about examining institutional failures by organisations in England and Wales.
  • An Inquiry Seminar is currently being held to gather views and information for consideration.
  • It will also examine: Rapid Evidence Assessment: What can be learnt from other jurisdictions about preventing and responding to child sexual abuse.
  • The Seminar will also hear from members of the Inquiry’s Victims and Survivors Forum.

Transcripts, summaries and full reports     News on the Inquiry

What’s the Truth Project About?

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse offers an unprecedented opportunity to examine the extent to which institutions and organisations in England and Wales have taken seriously their duty to protect children from sexual abuse.

The Inquiry’s Truth Project is an opportunity for you to share your experience and views with the Inquiry in a safe and confidential way. Many victims and survivors have already taken part in the Truth Project and with their consent, some of their experiences have been summarised in the Inquiry’s first publication.

  • By encouraging victims and survivors to come forward we hope to better understand the scale, breadth and nature of child sexual abuse, in an effort to help stop it happening in the future.
  • The consultation is open to anyone who is a victim or survivor of child sexual abuse, and also to those who may wish to complete the survey on behalf of a victim/survivor.
  • By sharing your experience and your opinions, you can make a difference to the lives of future generations and have a positive impact in changes to child protection policies.

How do I Participate?

1. Get in touch with The Truth Project.  Use the online form to answer a few basic questions, including your contact details, so The Truth Project can get in touch.

2. The Truth Project will contact you and ask how you’d prefer to share your experience.  They will respond within 15 working days and give you the choice of how you would prefer to tell them about your experience, such as in person (in a confidential one-to-one session), or in writing.

3. Share your experience.  You can choose how to tell them about what happened to you. You can tell the project as much or as little as you want to about your experience. It is okay if you can’t remember everything, or if there is anything you don’t want to share. You won’t be asked to prove anything you disclose. It’s important that you’re in control of what you share.

If you would like to take part in the Truth Project just click on the link below.

Report childhood sexual abuse via Truth Project


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