Lisa Lenton—Chief Executive


A bit about your experience/skills: During my career, I’ve worked in various roles, all of which have been people facing, from starting my working life in banking through to my recent role as a director of a national charity. I’ve worked in a senior leadership role for over twelve years and worked for voluntary organisations specifically for over ten years, five of which I was in Australia. Working for not-for-profit organisations gives me intrinsic rewards that cannot be bettered. I’m a successful bid writer, experienced project manager, advocate for change, and an inspiring people leader. I believe that relationships and communication underpins everything, with clients, staff, and stakeholders. I’m dedicated and solutions focused, and I truly believe in the importance of team work and working together to reach goals.

Hobbies/Interests: I love weekends away and travel. I had a year out travelling many moons ago, and that’s what sparked my love of Australia. I also enjoy cooking (although I wouldn’t profess to be the next Nigella), I’m passionate about football (watching only these days, may I add), and I enjoy the occasional pub quiz. I love spending time with my family and friends . Obviously that has been difficult of late but hopefully, there’s light at the end of the tunnel now, and we can catch up on what we have missed.

How do you see your role within SHE? SHE UK’s role in supporting survivors is absolutely critical. It’s my honour to lead the dedicated, experienced staff team (and learn from them). My role is to work with them to enable SHE UK to reach as many people as possible to change lives. The voluntary sector is challenging on many levels and a key priority is ensuring that, as we emerge from the pandemic, we are in a position of strength to support as many victims and survivors going forward as we can and to increase reach, impact, and sustainability.

Why did you get involved? As soon as I read about the charity and the work it does, I was drawn in and wanted to be involved. I’m very much a people person and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to create the life they want. I truly believe that supporting people by taking a holistic and person centred approach is the most effective way of empowerment and to support personal development and build confidence. As I learned more about SHE UK and the services we offer, I realised this organisation offered survivors many ways to move forward with their lives, and I wanted to be part of that.


Rachael Cumberland1Rachael Cumberland—Operations Manager

A bit about your work experience and skills: I have had a number of jobs since leaving school: hairdressing, caring and waitressing.

Four years ago, my husband was injured in Afghanistan and after caring for him, and seeing others in his and my situation, it made me want to help people to be able to deal with traumas that have happened to them or to people they care about. I decided I wanted to be a counsellor, so I am currently studying for an advanced diploma in relational centred psycho-therapeutic counselling.

Hobbies/Interests: I have a little boy who I adore, and spending time having fun with him is my favourite thing (and spending time with my family and friends, too!). I also love doing all kinds of crafts, such as crochet, cross stitch, scrap booking, and have learned a lot of other crafts by being at S.H.E UK. I’m also a keen reader, and enjoy a good ‘who dunnit’!!

How do you see your role within SHE? TBC

Why did you get involved: I’ve been volunteering for SHE UK since October 2013 – I was lucky enough that when looking for a placement for my counselling course, a friend told me to contact SHE UK. I remember first walking in for my meeting with Janice, and feeling that I belonged there: this was where I wanted to be! I have been truly humbled by all the people I have met and love being able to give my full support!


Paula Palmer—Operations Therapist

A bit about your work experience and skills: I gained my counselling diploma at West Notts College in 2010. Previously, I was a volunteer counsellor, for many years, with CRUSE and ISAS, and completed a two year part time training course with Nottingham Counselling Centre in 2003. I worked full-time for thirty years with Nottingham Probation Service, the last ten years of my career, prior to my retirement in 2001, exclusively with high risk offenders, the majority of whom were perpetrators of sexual abuse.

Why did you get involved: It was taking time to listen to clients’ stories and discovering what had shaped their lives that led me to deepen my commitment to counselling, initially a simple interest, but has since grown into a passion. This led to my wanting to focus on survivors of sexual abuse. I am delighted to have joined such a dedicated team of people who work tirelessly to support and nurture so many survivors across the county.

Hobbies/Interests: I find time to pursue several hobbies: I’m a “foodie” and love cooking; I enjoy travelling and particularly love all things Spanish. I also enjoy going to the cinema and theatre, and I’m a regular church goer and busy grandma!


Linda Large e-mail view

Linda Burt—Support Worker


A bit about your work experience and skills: I joined our paid team in December 2015, after working as a volunteer in Mansfield, Nottingham, and Worksop.

Hobbies/Interests: I originally come from Scotland but have lived down south now for nearly sixteen years. I’m a cheery, bubbly person, and I love to spend my spare time with family and friends.

How do you see your role within SHE? I have the dedication, caring nature, and understanding that SHE UK needs in its staff team.

Why did you get involved: I wanted to become part of the SHE UK team as I’d seen all the hard work and dedication the staff have to give. That inspired me to offer my services as a volunteer, and now I’m part of the staff as well as continuing to volunteer. I believe SHE UK is a very important and much needed charity, with staff who are always there for their members when they need them. They have literally saved lives, and will continue to support all women who have suffered from childhood sexual abuse, and rape.


Jill Alexander
Jill Alexander—Counsellor and Therapeutic Facilitator (unpaid)

A bit about your work experience and skills:  I have been a volunteer at SHE for around ten years. My main working life was as a machinist in a shoe factory.

Hobbies/Interests: My interests are my family and friends, music and films, and I enjoy spending time in the countryside. I’m all for lots of fun and laughter.

How do you see your role within SHE? My role in SHE is a therapist working with members in one-to-one sessions, creating and running lifelong learning courses, and facilitating Creative Therapy groups.

Why did you get involved: I am a survivor myself and understand the turmoil survivors face. When I felt I had completed my own personal journey I felt drawn to supporting and helping other people along their paths to recovery.


Jane BellamyJane Bellamy—Office Administrator

A bit about your experience/skills: I went to college for two years and qualified as a trained Nursery Nurse which led to my first job as a private nanny for two pre-school children. I did this for five years. I then worked at a residential care home for people with mental health issues for the next twenty-five years covering a variety of roles including administrator, Deputy Manager and Acting Manager. I was made redundant in 2009. I became a Duty Manager at a leisure centre/community centre which was run by a charity the same year, which I stayed at until I had the opportunity to come and work for SHE UK in 2014.

All of my employment has been working with people and doing office based tasks.

Hobbies/interests:I love sport, almost all sport, watching and participating. I played ladies football for twenty-two years before packing up with a slightly dodgy knee at the age of forty. However, that hasn’t stopped me skiing, hiking, and cycling as well as going to the gym (far more than I would choose!). I enjoy the cinema and like to read. But my favourite thing is to travel and see new places.

How do you see your role within SHE? I am at SHE in an administration capacity, to hopefully make sure all of our paperwork is organised and the office side of things run smoothly as we grow. I’m there to assist the team with administration queries. I’m the person who keeps the lines of communication open with everyone connected with the good ship SHE UK.

Why did you get involved: I like what SHE UK has achieved, what it stands for and its methods in helping people to help themselves. I wanted to support them going forward and hopefully make a difference by assisting the team in their amazing work.



Wendy May—Research and Communications Coordinator

A bit about your work experience and skills: I manage a specialised training program which involves eLearning and digitally enabled training. I’ve conducted research for the Australian Government on PTSD and other issues, and have spent several years working in private hospitals that offer psychiatric care. I have a BA Science: Psychology, I belong to the Australian Psychological Society, and the Australian Institute of Training and Development.

Hobbies/Interests: When I’m not working, I enjoy photography, technology in all its forms, and reading.

How do you see your role within SHE? I volunteer in a general support role. I work online, developing SHE-UK’s resources in the social media, education, and research areas.

Why did you get involved: I became aware of SHE UK through a friend, and I wanted to offer some of my time, skills, and resources to assist SHE UK to do their very important work.