S.H.E. continue to offer personal development therapy groups which can also be taken up on a one to one basis and/or in small groups.

Personal development within a therapeutic environment is about enabling trust, safety, confidence and self awareness. It offers the ability to learn practical coping mechanisms for people who have experienced trauma and can be a pathway for accessing other S.H.E. activities if appropriate.

This course has run before at the request of S.H.E members and has been successful in that it has encouraged regular attendance, appropriate boundaries establishment and learning. This course has also enabled vulnerable women to feel confident enough to ‘use their voice.’ The new initiative is concerned with taking the Personal Development course into the Worksop & Retford areas and will be held in the Oasis Centre, Worksop. Personal Development in Retford & Worksop is a significant and necessary progression; many of our members have regularly requested this course. The women in Worksop/Retford are vulnerable and in need of this kind of intervention. There is a significant need in this area for one to one P/D leading to group work.

We are focused on continuing to offer Personal Development to members of the Newark and Mansfield Groups as the first full year has proved itself to be so valuable and simply must become an integral part of the overall recovery route. The Mansfield drop-in is very busy and has an increasing number of vulnerable women attending. This funding will provide the opportunity to work 1-to-1 with the more vulnerable women and enable them to access personal development with six weeks of 1-to-1 before moving onto six weeks P/D group.

All the Personal Development courses are unique to each outreach facility and are always run and set up with ongoing consultation to encourage each participant to have a voice and, more importantly, to be heard. These courses enable participants to gain awareness of self and of old patterns of relating with others. This increased awareness leads towards establishing and maintaining more positive relationships with both oneself and others.

There is usually a progression and this involves participants wanting to follow on with a listening skills course in order to start voluntary work within this or other organisations, for example befriending others. Others have moved into a literacy/numeracy course or other courses outside of S.H.E.

Here are some of the fantastic comments we have received:

“I feel able to trust again”

“Life changing”

“I feel stronger”

“It’s made me more confident”

“It’s improved my relationships with others”

“I feel like I have a voice”

 We currently don’t run any courses of this type.

Which day? What time? Where?

If you would like find out more about this particular service please call 01636 611107 or email Janice at janice.frisby@she-uk.org.uk