Welcome to our Trainee Counsellor Placement Programme page. Since you landed here you are probably interested in counselling and what we do to help survivors of all forms of sexual violence. Please find below all the information you need on what’s involved in the programme and how to sign up.


If you are attending a counselling/psychotherapy diploma/degree course and are interested in helping adult survivors of sexual violence, you’ve come to the right place. We run one year placement programmes with supervision where you can apply your knowledge and help survivors in a safe environment. The document Placement Eligibility, Recruitment and Assessment will tell you all the criteria you need to fulfil to be considered as an applicant as well as how to apply, the selection process, and the assessments throughout the process. If you want to know what we expect of you during the sessions please read the Counselling Sessions Protocol. The document Placement Responsibilities talks about the responsibilities of the Trainee and the Supervisor as well as SHE UK’s responsibilities and those of Training Organisations in general.  We also have a standard Placement Contract for you to have a look at, as well as the Counsellor-in-Training Placement Agreement.

When you have decided that this might be the right placement for you, please fill in the Placement Application Form, and follow the steps outlined in the Selection Process section of the Placement Eligibility, Recruitment and Assessment document.

Due to the large number of applicants requiring a placement and the time required to process these applications, an administration fee of £20 is required with each application. Additionally, all applicants are required to provide their online DBS ID or pay £54 for a fresh DBS check via our providers. Please let Sarah (our Evaluative Need Therapy Manager) know which one you’d like to do during your initial conversation with her.

Please pay your £20 via Local Giving by clicking the button below:

If you’re a taxpayer, please make sure you tick the Gift Aid box, raising another £5.00 for our vital work.

All that remains is for us to wish you good luck in the selection process and we’re looking forward to meeting you.


Trainee Counsellor Placement Programme Resources

Trainee Counsellor Placement Application FormPlacement ContractPlacement Session Protocol
Counsellor (Unpaid Staff) Application FormPlacement ResponsibilitiesPlacement Agreement
Placement Eligibility, Recruitment & AssessmentPlacement Eligibility