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Draft Media Guidelines Example

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Please read the Draft and then use the Facebook post comments field to submit your comments, quotes, or feedback on the Draft. We will collate them and provide them to Survivor’s Voices. Please note the areas in the draft that are calling for comments or quotes (see image to the right). They are spaced throughout the draft document.

Your input is greatly appreciated and will help to shape the Guidelines and improve trigger warnings in the media.

Thank you SHEroes!

Media Guidelines draft 1.docx

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“Imagine watching a drama, documentary or news item about a traumatic event like  child abuse, rape or domestic abuse when you have had that terrible experience. It  triggers bad memories and difficult feelings. Perhaps you have never told anyone what  happened to you. Now the wound is reopened and raw, or maybe you think you might  want to report it to someone. But where do you turn for support?”