Client Testimonials


TestimonialDear SHE

Just over a year ago I walked into the MIND building in Newark for my assessment with SHE, I was in a numb state of utter despair and resigned to the fact that this would be yet another waiting list which I would never get to the top of. I had lost everything over the last 3 years, my family, my business, my home, my friends, my dignity, my self-respect, my confidence, my life, all gone, branded a liar and a fantasist, a mad woman, delusional and a nutter. I had nothing to live for. I knew what happened to me and was still in shock at what had happened to me, still in shock at how I was taken in by someone I thought loved me, by the deplorable treatment of Notts Police and terrible service and help from the mental health team. Diagnosed with PTSD but cast aside with no help forth coming. I had lost all hope and then I moved away and finally my new doctor who was also deplored at the lack of support I had received referred me to SHE. My life changed that day I walked in to SHE and met Jill, I walked out and cried all the way home, tears of hope and disbelief that at last someone wanted to help me, someone who did believe me, someone who listened and most importantly someone who cared.

I have been seeing Jill for just over a year now and I still have a long way to go but now I have a life to look forward to, the help and support I have had from Jill and SHE has been amazing and slowly I am building up my self-esteem, finally realising it was not my fault and that I was the victim of a psychopath and a sociopath and that they are very clever in how they destroy someone, however I no longer want to be his victim. I want to survive, I want to find me again and find a life, I want to re-join society, learn to trust again and rebuild my life, I won’t let him win, I want to live….. and I will. The reason I am here telling you this is because of the help, support and love from Jill and SHE.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Thank you for listening to me, for believing me, for supporting me and for the wonderful care and love you have given me.

I am now a survivor